Our Story

Every Escape Lodging property (our parent company) has a story and this is ours.

Once upon a time, not too long ago, two young men who were raising their families in Cannon Beach and who loved their community, decided the time was right to make their dream a reality!

Their dream was to build a small Inn that would nurture its’ guests sense of renewal and discovery by providing them just the perfect environment, right here in Cannon Beach. The architects undertook this project infusing their design with a celebration of nature and a warm sense of Northwest hospitality. The cottage-style buildings are designed to be low in profile to provide a very human scale. The majority of rooms were then arranged around a shared central courtyard and naturalized pond. It’s here that our guests congregate for companionship or to find that perfect spot under a tree to begin reading their new novel. Guests often come together over a bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir to share their stories and make new friends.

As the seasons shift, so do the ways in which our guests experience the Inn at Cannon Beach. The spring begins the riot of color as the verdant and vibrant gardens emerge from the warming soil along with the sun. Songbirds fill the air with their music and hummingbirds discover the flowers that now supplement the numerous feeders throughout the property. There is a wonderful sense of renewal and freshness on the breeze.

As the summer approaches, the gardens are rowdy with blooms of intense colors and the trees leaf- out to provide shade where desired. The botanical richness and sheer variety of plant life serves to create a lush and relaxing palate for relaxation and rejuvenation. Flip-flops become the footwear of choice and the scent of sunscreen mingles with the sea breezes.

And as summer fades to fall, we return to a quieter pace that encourages leisure and slowness. We’ve even seen guests power off their tablet and cell phones in favor of hearing the gull cries and the sound of wind in the trees. Windbreakers on strolling beachcombers make their first appearances.

And lastly, winter! Our guests arrive eager to hunker down by the fire with a good book or a good friend, the storm watching intensifies to its most dramatic and powerful of the year, and again it’s time to nurture our souls. We hope in building our dream, we have created the place of your dreams. Thank you for choosing to stay with us.

Welcome! Collectively, we want to wish you a warm welcome and thank you for choosing to stay with one of our Escape Lodging family of inns. It means a lot to our employees and to us.  When you choose to stay at one of our Inns, or dine in one of our restaurants, you are contributing in a significant and greatly appreciated way, to our local economy. From housekeepers and desk clerks to the owners and upper management of our inns and restaurants, we are homegrown locals who love Cannon Beach and our community. We have dedicated our lives to raising our families and growing the economy and job market here, so a heart-felt thank you for your support.

Now, what can we do for you? We’ve worked hard to anticipate your wishes and your needs, but if there’s something you left behind or something you require, we hope you will not hesitate to give the front desk a call. We will do our level-best to ensure that your stay here is everything you hoped it would be, and then some.

This guide is full of information that we hope will broaden your Cannon Beach experience and introduce you to some options and activities you may not already be aware of, and of course, our front desk team is full of suggestions and ideas, so we encourage you to ask questions and explore our town. Until next time, we remain…

Most sincerely yours,

Patrick Nofield, our awesome manager Kim Gift, and the entire Escape Lodging Family